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154th Annual Meeting

The Annual Congregational Meeting of an Episcopal Church congregation provides a brief moment to gather together and check in on the life and work of our community. We select new members for our Vestry, our “Board of Directors,” and do a quick review of the successes and learnings of the year past. In recent years, Emmanuel’s Annual Meetings have taken about 45 minutes or so, the bulk of that time devoted to your questions about how things are going and general conversation about where God might be leading us. We will meet by Zoom at 11:00 AM on Sunday, 27 February 2022. (The link has been emailed separately for security purposes.) The Agenda includes:

  • An Opening Prayer for a Church Meeting (The Book of Common Prayer, p. 818)
  • Notice of the publication of Annual Reports
  • Amendment of By-Laws
    • The proposed amendment will reduce the number of Vestry Members from 12 to 9 over the course of two years by authorizing the selection of three new members each year. Though the actual numbers will be reduced, participation in Vestry meetings is open to anyone interested, so the many voices of Emmanuel’s members can still be heard.
  • Announcement of Candidates for Vestry:
    • Frances Mason
    • Peter Costantino
    • Peter Schlehr
  • “Selection of Candidates”
  • General Questions and Answers and Conversation
  • Adjournment_

Here are the Reports as filed by congregational leaders.

Proposed By-Law Amendment: 2022 By-Law Amendment

And for the truly bored or the handful of governance geeks, here are our full, annotated By-Laws: Emmanuel By-Laws – January 2018 Annotated