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Audio Sermons


Detail from Willett Studios stained glass: The Lost Son

The sermon is an integral part of our worship, pulling together the Scripture lessons that have been read for centuries with the experiences of our culture and our congregation.

The goals of our sermons vary: sometimes it’s “Go thou and do likewise;” sometimes it’s “I never thought of that before;” sometimes it’s “Hunh?;” sometimes it’s “Uh-oh!;”sometimes it’s “now, for something completely different.” And in a time where it is hard to schedule “Adult Education” classes, we use sermon time for teaching about our Scriptures and our traditions. That means they may go a little longer than many you’ve heard.

The point of our preaching is engagement with the congregation, rather than performance before them. Questions asked are meant to be answered, and you’ll hear the occasional exclamation or comment from a member and maybe a pause or two as the preacher responds (or regroups!).

Emmanuel is in the process of uploading the archive of audio sermons, so please be patient while this proceeds.

Sermons are identified first by a letter — A, B or C — indicating which Lectionary year we are in and then by the name of the Sunday. Those labeled “Proper” represent the 25 or so Sundays following the Day of Pentecost through the beginning of a new liturgical year on Advent Sunday (usually the last Sunday of November). This scheme matches those used by popular lectionary websites, such as The Lectionary Page .

The headings for each sermon are “color coded” to the season of the year in which they were preached. We use Violet for Advent, Gold for Christmas and Easter, Blue for Epiphany, Brown for Lent, Red for Palm Sunday, Pentecost & Christ the King, and Green for the long season after Epiphany.