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Financial Support for Emmanuel

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Our Current Stewardship Campaign Material is found here.

Emmanuel depends on your financial support to fund its work in and for the world. We do not charge dues or fees for services, and no individual or group is ever refused any of what we offer because “they can’t afford it.” Much of the work of the church is carried on by volunteers who assist with worship, outreach and educational ministries.

That said, we have a campus with three buildings, and substantial overhead and upkeep, plus salaries for a full-time priest and three part-time staff to support. We are committed to being good stewards of our financial resources, and to making all of our financial information publicly available.

Each year in the late fall we ask you to “pledge” to our budget for the next year, so that we can plan accordingly. A “Pledge” is simply your best guess of how much you will be able to contribute to Emmanuel in the year to come, whether on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or one time basis.

The average yearly pledge in recent years has risen to about $2000 per person or family. The average in the Episcopal Church is just over $2000 per year. If you have never pledged before, consider pledging $50 a month, $600 a year. We hope each year every individual or family is able to increase their pledge towards the Biblical goal of 10% — a “Tithe” — of their income, but we realize that it takes some time to get there!

If your bank offers electronic bill pay, you may be able to have your monthly pledge debited from your account and sent directly to Emmanuel Church. We have several people who are doing this currently, and they are grateful not to have to think about their pledge or to write a check and remember to bring it or mail it. “Go, thou, and do likewise,” as Jesus said! You may also use the PayPal link on our Online Giving page.

Follow these links For resources that will help you to support Emmanuel for next year and also to download a pledge card to fill in and to return — either by mail or by dropping it in the collection plated during a service. If you would like envelopes for your weekly or monthly contributions, please contact the office at 410-838-7699.

Pledge FAQs: The How’s and Why’s of Pledging

The Tax Cut Bill: The Rector’s personal story about how to make the most of the current tax law to maximize your pledging.